Software Development by Hylke Visser

Hylke Visser

Hello! đź‘‹
I'm Hylke Visser

I'm a software developer with a passion for cloud architecture.
I love to build things, and I love to learn things.


I currently work at 1Password. As a member of the Infrastructure Services team, I’m working on the foundations of 1Passwords next-generation backend architecture. Our goal is to make it easy for other teams to launch new products and services, while at the same time providing a scalable platform that supports the continued growth of 1Password. Since I joined 1Password, I have worked on writing and maintaining internal Go libraries for configuration, observability, inter-service communication, databases, caches, pub-sub, etc. I have also worked on CI/CD pipelines, on tooling for deploying temporary test environments, on Infrastructure-as-Code, and on our logging pipelines.

Before 1Password, I worked at The Things Industries. In my role as “Lead Stack Engineer” I was responsible for the architecture, API and backend implementation of The Things Stack, an open source LoRaWAN® Network Server. I also worked on the cloud infrastructure and operations of the global, hosted LoRaWAN® networks of The Things Industries and The Things Network.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology. I have a double Master’s degree in Distributed Systems and Services, with a specialization in Cloud Infrastructure from Aalto University and University of Rennes 1.


My main programming language since 2015 has been Go. I also regularly write Terraform, and YAML for various purposes, such as for GitLab CI pipelines, for Kubernetes and, when combined with Go’s template language, in Helm charts.

I’ve designed and implemented RESTful APIs, gRPC APIs and half a GraphQL API. These days, I mainly work with MySQL, although I probably still prefer PostgreSQL. I think Redis is great as a cache, but just as great as a low-latency persistent data store. I’m comfortable working with pub/sub systems such as MQTT, AMQP, NATS, and Kafka.

I package my applications into Docker images, that are then deployed on AWS ECS or Kubernetes. Some small projects are deployed on AWS Lambda. To manage infrastructure, both at work and my personal projects, I rely on GitOps, with GitHub, GitLab, Terraform, Spacelift and FluxCD.

Most of daily work is done with AWS, but I also have experience with Microsoft Azure and GCP. For side projects, I also use Cloudflare, Scaleway and Hetzner.


If you’d like to get in touch, reach out on LinkedIn or by email at [hi at].